George S. Day and Christine Moorman

The Book

“Throughout P&G’s long history, we have focused on the four customer value imperatives outlined in this excellent book—and are as committed to them today as ever. This is essential reading for leaders focused on making a positive difference in the world and, as a direct result, delivering growth for both the near and long term.”
—Robert A. McDonald, Chairman, President, and CEO, The Procter & Gamble Company

Winner of the
2011 Berry Book Prize

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Even in the worst business environment in memory, some companies have gained market share, grown revenues and profits, and created more value for customers. These are not flash-in-the-pan companies. They are the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Fidelity, Cisco, Walmart, Amazon, Apple, IKEA, Philips, Texas Instruments, Becton Dickinson, and Tesco.

We’ve spent years looking at these companies (and many less successful ones) searching for patterns and commonalities that explain their stellar results, and we’ve concluded that they offer these important lessons:

  • These companies approach strategy from the outside in.  They begin with the market, not their own capabilities. While that may sound easy, it is incredibly difficult. In the vast majority of companies inside-out thinking dominates practice and inevitably leads to eroding customer value and company profits.
  • These companies invest in generating and deploying unique market insights to inform and guide their outside-in view. They don’t guess or fly blind.
  • These companies focus the entire organization on achieving, sustaining and profiting from customer value.

These actions are the major focus of our book because we find it’s what really distinguishes market leaders from other companies that are just muddling through over the long-run. Market leaders stay focused on creating and profiting from customer value by excelling at four principles we call the customer value imperatives.

In Strategy from the Outside In, we explain that the key to lasting and highly profitable success is the ability to compete on and profit from customer value using the customer value imperatives. We show this means seeing, operating and living from the outside in. It means always building strategy on market insight, and ensuring that every part of the company puts customer value first.

We will take you from theory to practice, with an emphasis on real-world stories, practical models, and usable metrics so that you can profit from customer value. From the outside in.