George S. Day and Christine Moorman


“Throughout P&G’s long history, we have focused on the four customer value imperatives outlined in this excellent book—and are as committed to them today as ever. This is essential reading for leaders focused on making a positive difference in the world and, as a direct result, delivering growth for both the near and long term.”
—Robert A. McDonald, Chairman, President, and CEO, The Procter & Gamble Company

Strategy from the Outside In is thought-provoking, practical, and full of ideas on how to strengthen your company’s customer value proposition.”
—Tom Lynch, CEO, Tyco Electronics Corporation

“American Express’s success has rested largely on our ability to focus on our customers and adapt to their changing needs over the past 160 years. Strategy from the Outside In is an insightful book with practical advice about how to do just that.”
—Jud Linville, President and CEO Consumer Services, American Express

“An in-depth look into the basic premise of what, in my view, makes successful business. Certainly worth reading once and then once every year to remind all of us what keeps us in business. For marketers, a great benchmark to help focus on how to add value most effectively.”
—Geert van Kuyck, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Royal Philips Electronics

“Sam Walton said ‘there’s only one boss—the customer.’ At Walmart we try to stay focused on that every day. But how? Strategy from the Outside In provides a blueprint for how to build a trusted brand based on consistently providing superior value to customers.”
—Stephen Quinn, Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart

“Getting your company to organize around what customers value most sounds easy in theory, but it’s very hard to do consistently well. Day and Moorman provide a thoughtful, realistic, and actionable blueprint for delivering the most value to your most valuable customers.”
—Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, GE

“Only a few books can really help marketing professionals make a difference in their organization. Strategy from the Outside In falls into this category. Creating superior customer value is or should be a priority of all marketers. Here, Day and Moorman provide a clear path for delivering on such value. Most important, their work is based on the real-world successes (and failures) of organizations which they have studied.”
—Dennis Dunlap, CEO, American Marketing Association

Strategy from the Outside In offers a refreshing reminder that answers to managers’ most pressing questions always start by looking outside the organization and meeting consumer needs better than the other guys! It provides a combination of solid evidence and user-friendly frameworks that can be put to use immediately. A must-read not only for today’s challenged CMO but for the rest of the C-suite as a guiding framework for the entire enterprise.”
—Rob Malcolm, President, Global Marketing, Sales and Innovation, Diageo PLC

Strategy from the Outside In provides a handbook to re-imagine a business through the eyes of customers. It is full of current case studies, research, and practical frameworks that senior marketers can use to refine their own thinking and influence their colleagues.”
—Greg Gordon, SVP Consumer Marketing, Liberty Mutual

“Day and Moorman advise companies to leave their comfortable positions of controlling their businesses to the uncomfortable position of allowing their customers control. This is a book only for companies courageous enough to listen to their customers instead of themselves.”
—Ron Nicol, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Strategy from the Outside In is an exceptionally important and very readable new book. The authors have distilled and reconceptualized cutting-edge research into what separates consistently top performing firms from inferior performers. In the process they have greatly advanced the art and science of business strategy. The approach advocated by the authors may be subtle, but the improvement in business performance is significant.” More from —Sean M. Gallagher, Executive Vice President, MarketCulture Strategies